If you are get a job in UAE then you before joining there you should need to know the laws and rights in UAE for expats. When you know your rights and rules you can stay there in better way. You should know that how much annual leaves they provide you in one year. In UAE official holidays must be paid. For registration there is no requiring any employer’s consent. You need to know that what are the labor laws there and what are the benefits for labor?  These things are very important to know. You can also get DIFC Wills and probate registry in UAE but you have to follow all the procedure to get this registration. In Abu Dhabi Wills are very important for expats.

Here are some rules and rights for labor that you need to know.

1. A few laws that you need to know pertaining to annual leaves

There is law in UAE that you can take annual leave at least once in two years. You have to follow these laws for your job. It is not that difficult to stay in UAE because working environment is very supportive there. You have to wait for at least two years. There are strict labor laws that you have to follow, if you want to take leave then your salary would be deducted by company. As per labor law employer is in the position to let go of your annual leaves, even all of them, if it brings benefits to the company.

2. Salary would be Unpaid if the ownership is shifted

When you are doing job somewhere in a company and you get a chance to work in other company, there is contract of employment that is largely considered to be valid if you choose to switch jobs. You will not be paid for changing your job from one place to another place.

3. All official holidays are considered paid leaves

According to UAE labor laws workers are largely considered entitled to holidays without their salaries being deducted on the following occasions:

1- New Year’s Day (Both Islamic and Christian)

2- Two paid leaves on Eid Al Fitr

3- Three paid leaves on Eid Al Adha

4- One day off on the birthday of the Prophet

5- National Day holidays as announced by the government