Kids are not the symbol of your relation. They are more than it. They are human beings who are at their developing stage. They need your time and attention to develop and groom properly. They need some time to cherish with you to learn to survive and live in this world which is not too much beautiful as it seems to be. They need your affection and care to learn to differentiate between good and bad and right and wrong because it is the difference between them that will turn him into a better human being. That’s the reason it is not easy to become a parent but if you have become it then you have to spend time with your children. There are many ways to spend time with them. Some of them are: 

  1. Play blocks: Children love to play. Blocks or Lego are the favorite they could demand you to buy. They are the best toy to play with because they develop their motor and cognitive skills. It is better to play with your kids by making different structures from Lego. In this way, they will learn to make buildings and different structures from besides learning to communicate with non-living things which is also important to learn. Playing with your kids give them that warmth which they need. 
  2. Shopping: Different shops that are filled with new clothes and cute bottles always amaze kids the most. Thus, you can plan to take them to any exciting mall on Sunday or any holiday to surprise them and let them have fun. What you have to do is to take your child with you in car, avail electric car charging parking and then him or her to kids store first. Tell them that how much clothes or toys they can buy because they need to learn to spend. It is important to teach them that everything should be spent in balance. After shopping, you can have ice cream at any affordable store or cafe to please your child.

Bed time stories: We all know the importance of learning and reading but children do not build habit of reading until they would see their parents reading their favorite books daily. To build habit of reading, listening and creative writing, parents are required to take out sometime from their valet parking Dubai and read them bed time stories every night. In this way, you two will get more time to spend with each other.