Famous drinks which are offered at the Indian restaurant

You don’t always go the restaurant just to have the dinner or lunch. You can also try your hands on the India’s famous drink which are offered on almost of all the Indian restaurants. You might have heard the names of all the famous drinks but you might have never read about them in detail. This article contains the details of some of the most famous drinks. So let’s quickly have a look at them. If you are having a cooperate event in your company, then you don’t need to worry about the drinks there is a huge variety of drinks that you can offers to your employees. These drinks are tasty as well as energizing.

  • Chai: Most of the people around us are chai lovers. They like chai to such an extent that they become addicted to it. Tea is commonly known as chai in countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. There is no complex recipe of tea, all you need is a glass of water, milk sugar and tea. There are many different types of chai like doodh pati, elaichi chai, kashmari chai, adrak chai and the list goes on. All these types of chai are made from different recipe but they all have one purpose which is to energize your mind and body. Green tea is one of the most type of tea which now a days people use to lose their weight. One more thing there are two types of people, some of them likes to have sugar in the huge quantity but on the other hand there are some people who doesn’t take sugar at all.
  • Falooda: Who doesn’t like Falooda? It’s one of the most famous delightful drink and it’s very much common in the Delhi and Punjab. Falooda contains a lot of things like flavored syrups, jellies, flavored ice cream, milk etc. In order to enhance the flavor of Falooda basil seeds are used. If it’s hot in your city, go get yourself a glass of Falooda and chill.
  • Lassi: Lassi is made from yoghurt and it is sweet in taste. It is made by adding either milk or water or you can make it rich by adding cream in it. Different flavors could be added in Lassi. If you are feeling low in the hot weather, go and grab a glass of Lassi and energize yourself. You can even serve this drink in the corporate events Dubai so everyone can play active role in the activities.

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