A PRO is the abbreviation of Public Relations Officer and that is a person who maintains or creates a good image of a company. Either the PRO works for that company or people can hire freelance PROs too. They design an image of a company in a way that people or other organizations think the company is doing good and this image also displays the goals and working of that company. There are many government vacancies of PRO. There are PROs who also help people in getting visas for different countries which are also referred to agents or communications specialists. These are the professionals who communicate for you or for your company.

A PRO can earn more than 50,000 AED per year. And the most job vacancies of PRO are in UAE. People in UAE mostly hire a PRO for getting visas and most companies hire a PRO to hire the employees and get their visas in process. But to become a PRO, one has to pass through many bridges of procedures and trainings. Anyone who wants to become a PRO, he has to have a bachelors degree in journalism, public relations, English, business or communications. But after completing the degree, there is another long route before the career starts. The amateur PRO has to do different internships in companies. This is the most difficult road because in the beginning fresh graduates have a hard time in finding internships. This is because the permanent PROs don’t have time to teach them and there are no room for mistakes. Also, to start the career, most companies make sure to hire those candidates who have internship experience in good companies.

Internship and job responsibilities include maintaining the files of employees that need visa or the files of the company, know about organization’s activities, arranging the files in the terms of timeline, getting relevant media articles and making sure that all the information is assembled. There are important qualities that a PRO has to have like interpersonal skills. They should know different methods of enhancing the company’s name and image. They must have organizational skills which include having to manage different tasks at the same time at organizational level. The PRO must have fast and efficient problem-solving skills like if the client has different issues in getting visas and he/she has to explain herself/himself. In such cases, a PRO tells a way out of these issues.

The PROs in UAE are experts of suggesting different way outs for Dubai to Oman bus for visa change and Dubai visa change without exit.