Employer is the head of employees. He or she has responsibility to give them task and it is their approval which can give them success or hold their project. 

However, it does not mean that you, employees, can win their heart by gifting them their favourite books or shirts. You need to work hard at workplace to attain reputation and desired position faster than others. 

Thus, you need to focus and demonstrate work ethics solidly. Work ethics is to behave and act professionally with dedication to achieve the goal that can result in success of company and individual as well. 

An employer plays an important when it comes to hire an employee, he or she wants numerous qualities in his future team members. The absence of some of them can be ignored but some are must to have in the personality. Those must-to-have qualities are:

  1. Obedience: They want their employees to be obedient. They want them to do what they are asked to do efficiently on time. Obedience can give employees lots of appreciation from their employers. It can make them reliable because they can be considered as that employees on which senior can depend at the time of difficulties. 
  2. Smartness: Although, they want obedient team members, it does not mean that they want stupid or unintelligent individuals. They want such member who can work on the given tasks while using their common sense and smartness which is required instead of disturbing them to know every tiny detail. 
  3. Punctuality: Time management is the quality which every head of team want in their members the most because time is not less than money. A little delay in the submission of project can lead to failure if client would go to another company. Therefore, try to be punctual. Always come to office on time. It would be better to come some minutes before the beginning of work. 
  4. Honesty: They want their employees to focus on work and do not tangle themselves in workplace politics. They want their employees to work in the same way in their absence as they do in their presence. This honesty will make them trustworthy in the eyes of their seniors which is not less than a medal.

So, these are few qualities which every employer wants in their employees all the time, whether they are in that meetings which are hold by in meeting rooms, Abu Dhabi, or in the coworking space in Dubai. These qualities are the main elements of w