Are you pregnant? Do you want it or not? Do you want to keep it or not? Are you finding it beautiful or is it irritating?

Whatever the feelings you have, and what you want to do. Do what you want to do. If you want abortion, then do it. But, at the same time, if you finding it sin or wrong then have mercy on yourselves and do not do it otherwise you will harm yourselves. And if you want it so keep it. But remember one thing that bringing child into this world is not end of the journey. It marks the beginning of a new journey which can be memorable to your child and your family members but it will be tougher for you because it will be you who will be with the child all time. It will be you who have to keep their eyes open all night when would be crying or unable to sleep and it will be you who have to tolerate his or her crying and vomits. And trust me, at many times, there will no one to help you out in it at many times. Therefore, you have to bear it by yourselves.

But this bearing can become easier and little tougher if you will be given some guidance and training. Currently, there are so many training centre for new mother and going-to-be mothers in which they are provided with books and taught them that how they can understand the needs of a child or their infants. In fact, there are so many videos on Youtube that can teach you feeding and holding child fast. But one thing is important and it is to be observant. Try to observe your child that how is he or she reacting. If they are crying then it means that something is disturbing them. If it is your room’s light then switch it off. And it is milk’s bottle then it means that your kid’s tummy is full. Similarly, they can cry if they are not fed well so keep a sheet with you and write on it that how many times you have fed them. They need food numerous times. In this way it will help you to know their nature fast. Once you are done with your pregnancy, don’t forget to opt for laser stretch marks removal in Dubai. Visit for further details.