The job of a nurse starts after the doctor is done, a person needs to be attended with care and love. A Nurses work is to support and promote health, prevent illness and help the patient with coping with the illness and bringing them knowledge about what they should to get better.  In simpler words they are health educators for the patients and their family members. They are supposed to provide the patient with care, they observe, assess and record the patient’s symptoms. take a look at their reactions and direct the patients progress. 

Qualities of a good nurse:

A good nurse in Dubai is the one who has the following qualities

  • Gives respect:

In any profession, no matter what, Respect always goes a long way. Great nurses respect people and rules. They remain confident and hardworking in all places. The main thing is that they respect all the patients without thinking about their cast or religion. Great nurses are those that also respect the hospital staff and all other members, and people who respect others are always respected in return.

  • Empathy:

Nurses should have empathy for the patients that are suffering from illness. They should be able to provide comfort and support to the ones in needs. Nurses are usually are the advocates for the patients, they look up to them for assistance. There soft and humble nature is always a pro for them.  being sympathetic towards the patient is always a good thing and in favor of the hospital. Mostly that’s all a patient looks forward to.

  • Be emotionally stable:

Nursing can turn out to be stressful job, handling traumatic patients and cases can cause mental stress to one person. It can however be crucial to your health and because you issue.  You never know what’s next, some days can be gloomy while some days can be hard to survive in. Such great and valued nurses as well as a Dubai nanny are easily found here.

You may also seek some heartwarming moments in the field of nursing. being the one who helps a patient recover from his illness and reuniting them with their family members is always a great deed. the quality of a good nurse is that they know how to cope with stress and all the different kinds of problems.