Have you ever been to the UAE? If not, you might need to know a lot of things before moving to that country. Understanding the process of apostille and certificate attestation Dubai can be a little difficult, but once you get to know it better, you will be able to handle the process with ease. You will be needed to have your documents attested before submitting them to the country you intend to visit. Before you start wondering as to what that is, it is a mandatory stamp that will authenticate the apostille. Without the stamp, you apostille process will remain incomplete.  Here is more on what documents can be attested to maintain your compliance with the apostille process of UK:

Mandatory Documents

The mandatory documents include all pertinent documents that you may require to become eligible for the apostille process. The most common documents that you might require are as follows:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificate
  • Educational certificates
  • Death certificate

Apart from the above, you might require submitting attested company registration documents as well. Naturally, you will be required to have all these documents attested before submitting them to the authorities. However, what if you were asked to submit more documents half way through the process? Luckily, your UAE document attestation service will facilitate you here as well. They’ll provide you facility to attest any documents that may be issued officially.

Submitting The Documents

Once you have all documents with you, it is time to have them all attested and send them over to the screening process. Keep in mind that screening is a three-part process that requires you to send the attestation service and they’ll send them back to you through a speedy courier service. Keep in mind that you can also collected attested documents from the premises if you are in a hurry.

The apostille process will remain incomplete if left unverified. For this, your attestation service will have to send them over to a solicitor in UK. Once verified, the documents will then be moved to the Foreign Commonwealth Office for further verification. When the verification process is completed, the documents will be sent back to the UAE embassy where they’ll be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE. 

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