Parenting for some is tough and for some it is all about just being creative. Parenting can be hard and easy either you have 1 kid or more than 1, all depends on the number of them and the number of times you decide how many you want. And birthday is a day when you have to let them do whatever they want or it will be your fault till your remains are gone. So, get the stress of your head and this article will help you in deciding the best themes and place where you can make their day more memorable and most special.

Birthday ideas depend on the age of your kid. Well, for what I think a 1-year old won’t even bother telling you want he/she wants but it’s the era of pictures, timeline and judgments. One day if they find out you didn’t bother then, think of the horror. This is because some days, you will want them to do the same for you. Some people hire organizers and just sit back and relax but most of them are expensive or most of them don’t have a very good idea, so, it is better to do it yourself and save money. If you kid is between 1 to 5 years of age, you can have musical party, put soft toys and a cake with good decoration. Kids of these ages start to learn and learn what they see, you can simply put ABC or shapes decoration or counting is included.

From ages 6 to 10, you can have a jungle theme where the guests can bring their dogs, cats, birds, but be sure not to let the dog, cat and birds sit on the same table. Or a fancy dress party with a magic show will have the children thrilled and let you have a couple of beers in peace, but just keep an eye on them.

And if you are anywhere in UAE, there are plenty of ideas for kids birthday party in Dubai and there are a lot kid’s activities in Dubai on their birthday. Most shopping malls let the kids have free entry on kid’s area for free for the whole day. Some even offer free all you can have candies, chocolates, kid’s rides and toys for them. So look into this idea and then choose one that you believe is the best for your child.